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Cataracts affect millions worldwide, impacting daily activities and quality of life as they progress. Cataract surgery stands as a highly effective treatment, but knowing when it’s the right time for this procedure is crucial. Understanding the signs indicating the need for surgery empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their eye health.

“As an ophthalmologist, I often guide patients through this decision-making process,” says Dr. Arjun Malla Bhari, a leading expert at EyeCare Hospital. “Recognizing the signs that suggest the need for cataract surgery is pivotal for ensuring optimal eye health and quality of life.”

Signs That Indicate the Need for Cataract Surgery:

  1. Decline in Vision Quality: Dr. Arjun emphasizes, “A noticeable decline in vision quality, even with updated prescriptions, may indicate the presence of cataracts.”
  2. Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks: “Cataracts can make routine activities increasingly challenging,” notes Dr. Arjun. “If tasks like reading or driving become notably difficult due to blurred vision, it’s time to consider surgery.”
  3. Increased Glare Sensitivity: Dr. Arjun points out, “Heightened sensitivity to glare, especially at night, is common among individuals with cataracts and may warrant surgical intervention.”
  4. Changes in Color Perception: “Progressive cataracts can distort color perception, affecting the enjoyment of daily activities,” explains Dr. Arjun. “If you notice a yellowish or brownish tint in your vision, it’s worth discussing with your ophthalmologist.”
  5. Frequent Changes in Eyeglass Prescription: “If you find yourself needing frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions due to cataract-related vision changes, surgery may be necessary,” advises Dr. Arjun.


While these signs indicate the need for cataract surgery, Dr. Arjun stresses the importance of consultation with an eye care professional. “Our team of ophthalmologists can assess the severity of cataracts and their impact on daily life,” he says. “We provide personalized recommendations tailored to individual circumstances.”

Opting for cataract surgery at the appropriate time offers numerous benefits, according to Dr. Arjun. “Not only does it improve vision and quality of life, but it also reduces the risk of falls and accidents associated with poor vision,” he explains. ” Cataract surgery offered at EyeCare Hospital are minimally invasive, with high success rates and rapid recovery times.”

“Recognizing the signs that indicate the need for cataract surgery is crucial for maintaining optimal eye health and quality of life,” concludes Dr. Arjun. “If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, we encourage you to consult our expert ophthalmologists for personalized recommendations.”

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