In a gesture of commitment to education and community development, EyeCare has generously sponsored the IQRA Book Fair at the Islamic University of Maldives (IUM). The book fair, which commenced on November 9th, has been a hub of educational activities and creativity, engaging children in various learning endeavors.

The IQRA Book Fair, organized by the IUM, aims to foster a love for reading and learning among the young minds of the community. The fair has provided a platform for children to explore the world of literature through storytelling sessions, educational activities, and reading sessions. Additionally, the fair has featured engaging activities such as face painting, henna, and a bookmark designing competition to stimulate the creativity of the participating children.

One of the highlights of the IQRA Book Fair is the bookmark design competition, where children were encouraged to showcase their artistic talents. EyeCare, recognizing the importance of nurturing creativity in education, stepped forward as a sponsor for this competition. The company is providing vouchers for the first, second and third winners of the bookmark design competition, emphasizing their commitment to supporting learning and development among the youth.

The vouchers provided by EyeCare for the bookmark design competition winners will not only serve as a reward for their creativity but also encourage a passion for learning and reading. IUM and EyeCare hope that the success of the IQRA Book Fair will inspire similar initiatives in the future, promoting a culture of learning, creativity, and community engagement.